Slurp - Cloud POS

Slurp is an easy-to-use cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system for F&B retail businesses. Known for it's easy to use interface & innovative customer facing experience.

Ramen Rater

The Ramen Rater app is more than just your mobile source of instant ramen reviews, it also acts as an advisor to when you shop for instant ramen at your local grocer.

Mini Malaysia

Winning app for Digi Challenge For Change 2014. Discover all the hottest and trending places in Malaysia, all within an easy and intuitive interface.


The very first Minecraft Reference app in the Appstore, and Best companion app for Minecraft. It's intuitive interface makes it a favourite among minecrafters.

Aiyo Magazine

The very first interactive magazine app on the Appstore, used by Elle, Malaysia Airlines and more! Featured by The Guardian and Apple.


Diverge is an unofficial client that gets you the all the content you known and loved from The Verge in a clean and beautiful modern design.

PaceMaker : Logbook for Doctors

Winner of the MoneyTree Young Entrepreneur Startup (YES) Challenge. A handy log book that allows healthcare professionals to record vital information while on the go.

Pillow : Smart Reminder

Winner of the Digi Challenge for Change 2013. Pillow is a Pill Reminder that takes away your worries on when to take your medication.


Winner of the MSC IPCC 2012. Qalvinius is the first side scrolling game I worked on, it has RPG elements and simple combat mechanics.