javascript, svelte

Oct 5, 2021

Many JS frameworks introduces various hacks and functions, even adding a virtual DOM, to achieve efficiency and provide advanced functionalities to developers. Svelte attempts to achieve the same high standards set by frameworks such as React and Vue, without the bloat and VDOM.

crypto, ethereum

Oct 1, 2021

These days, it's hard to come by a person that does not know about cryptocurrency. Even a hermit knows a thing or two about it, often referring it to a bitcoin. However these days, crypto is often described as a get rich quick scheme or an investment tool. What could have been revolutionary, have been muddled with the intent of being an utility for deception.

When I was in high school, I dreamt of the day where I can ditch my and .tk domains for a proper .com, and finally get a proper web hosting. It was the days where we have to rely on wonky free hosts, that promises free (limited*) PHP and Mysql hosting for the low price of selling your soul.


Aug 10, 2020

I like the story of Rome. Like the saying Rome is not built in a day, it took experiences developing several JS tools to arrive on the epiphany that things could be done in a better way.

I remembered the time I discovered promises, it's like having a cup of ice water in hell. It brings structure, reduces callback hell, it makes me think about error handling. However, while promises does wonders to code structure, complexity can really produce some really ridiculous promises chain.

If you are pushing out tons of JS codes everyday, even a simple change in the way you write a syntax could make a huge difference. And what's more, the end result looks much more readable and clean. Some might even say, it looks cool 😎.

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